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Dr. Cameron J. McGeorge
Contact Information

School of Physics & Astronomy
Kelvin Building, Room 524
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)141 330 5531


Dr. Cameron McGeorge

I officially retired in February 2007. I was a Research Fellow in Nuclear Physics at Glasgow University since 1981 and even before that I collaborated on experiments at the Glasgow LINAC although employed by Edinburgh University. For about a year I worked as a Hospital Physicist at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh and got some experience of working abroad as a Research Associate at Georgia Institute Of Technology, USA. I did my PhD at Edinburgh University 1965-1969 and was employed as a Demonstrator 1968-69. My BSc was also obtained at Edinburgh in 1965.

Research Interests

Experimental Photonuclear Physics, Hadron physics.

School and University Responsibilities

Until I retired my main responsibility was the upgrade of the Glasgow Photon Tagging Spectrometer so that it could be used with the 1.5GeV beam now available from the Mainz accelerator. I also supervised the maintenance and development of the 352 element focal plane detector system of the tagger, and provided calibration information to tagger users. I continue to work on calibration of the upgraded tagger and advise on analysis of experiments done with the tagged photon technique.

Further Afield

My main research work exploits the Glasgow Tagged Photon Spectrometer at Mainz in Germany. I also partcipate in experiments with the three spectrometers in the A1 hall in Mainz, and with the tagged photon facility at Lund in Sweden.

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