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Prof. Douglas I.J. MacGregor
Contact Information

School of Physics & Astronomy
Kelvin Building, Room 515c
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)141 330 4468


Prof. Douglas MacGregor

Academic Background

I am a Professor in Nuclear Physics and lead experiments at the 1.6 GeV Mainz electron microtron. I also carry out research work at the 12 GeV Jeffereson Lab electron accelerator. On the teaching side I am Convenor of Learning and Teaching and chair the Physics and Astronomy Teaching Committee.

Brief Academic Summary:

  • Professor of Physics (2015-Date), Glasgow University
  • Reader (2002-2015), Glasgow University
  • Senior Lecturer (1994-2002), Glasgow University
  • Lecturer (1983-1994), Glasgow University
  • Research Assoicate (1982-1983), Manchester University.
  • Ph.D. 1982 Experimental Nuclear Physics, Glasgow University.
  • B.Sc. 1978 Hons. I) Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Glasgow University.
  • Fellow (1995-Date) of the Institute of Physics; Member (1983-1995); Chartered Physicist (1986-Date).

Research Interests

I am interested in the properties of hadrons, modification of hadron properties in the nuclear medium and the role non-nucleonic particles play in holding atomic nuclei together.

My research is carried out using high energy electron and photon probes. I work at the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV electron accelerator and at the Mainz 1.6 GeV electron microtron. I have previously also carried out work at the 100 MeV MAXLAB electon accelerator in Lund, Sweden. My work at the Mainz 1.6 GeV racetrack electron microtron makes use of the Glasgow tagged photon spectrometer and the ~4π Crystal Ball/TAPS detector array where I am spokesperson for several experiments. I am an active member of the CLAS, A2 and CB@MAMI collaborations.


I previously gave the following Lecture Courses and Tutorials:

  • Physics 3 P305H Thermal Physics (I)
  • Physics 4 P306H Electromagnetism 1 (I)
  • Physics 1 P1Y Quantum Phenomena (II)
  • IBLS 2 Transport Phenomena
  • Physics 4 Supervision Tutorials (2 Groups)

I currently give the following Laboratory classes:

  • Physics 3 Group Projects

School and University Responsibilities

I currently have the following Departmental and University administrative responsibilities:

  • Chair Physics & Astronomy Teaching Committee
  • Chair Physics Non-Honours Examination Committee
  • Deputy Head, Physics & Astronomy Graduate School
  • School Accomodation Officer
  • School Data Protection Officer
  • Student Lifecycle Project Coordinator
  • Member Physics & Astronomy Safety Committee

I have previously held the following posts:

  • Head, Physics & Astronomy Graduate School
  • Member of Faculty of Physical Sciences Graduate School
  • Physics 4/5 Class Head
  • Departmental Careers Officer
  • Head Physics 4 General Physics Workshop
  • Head Physics 5 Problem Solving Workshop
  • Deputy Head Physics 3 Skills Revolution Workshop
  • Physics 4 Projects Coordinator
  • Physics 3 Lab Head
  • IBLS 4 Physics Labhead
  • Physics 1B Lab Head
  • Chair, Departmental Working Party on Honours Courses
  • Chair, Departmental Working Party on Laboratory Work
  • Member of Departmental Working Party on MSci Physics Degree
  • Leader of Kelvin Building Level 3 and 4 Refurbishment Project
  • Member of University Health, Safety and Environment Committee
  • Secretary, Kelvin Building Safety Committee
  • Physics & Astronomy Departmental Librarian
  • Kelvin Laboratory Librarian

Further Afield

Outside Glasgow University I have made the following contributions to Physics and to Education:

  • Scientific Secretary (2008-2012) of the Nuclear Physics Board of the European Physical Society; Board Member (2007-2013).
  • Chair (2009-2013) of the IBA Prize Committee of the European Physical Society Nuclear Physics Board; Committee Member (2008-2013) of the IBA Prize; Committee Member (2011-2012) PhD Dissertation Prize of the EPS Nuclear Physics Board.
  • Chair (2009-2012) of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Division of the Institute of Physics; Hon. Secretary (2005-2009); Board Member (1986-1993, 2001-2012).
  • Chair (2001-2005) of the Nuclear Physics Group of the Institute of Physics. Committee members (1989-1994, 2000-2005).)
  • Chair (2000-2002) of Jordanhill School Board; Chair Education Committee (1997-2000); Board Member and Company Director (1996-2002).
  • Assessor and Interviewer (2011-2012) on the Rutherford Advanced Fellowship panel of STFC.
  • External Subject Matter Expert (2012) of University of West of Scotland Physics Subject Health Review.
  • Steering Committee member (2005-Date) of the Mainz Crystal Ball Collaboration.
  • Coordinator (1992-Date) of the Mainz A2 Tagged Photon Spectrometer.
  • Associated member (2012-Date)of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC 1044) "The Low-Energy Frontier of the Standard Model: From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons and Nuclei" of the German Research Foundation (DFG); Associated Member (1991-2012) of the Special Research Centre (SFB 443) "Vielkoerperstruktur stark wechselwirkender Systeme" of the German Research Foundation (DFG).
  • Guest lecturer (1991, 2001) UK National Postgraduate Nuclear Physics Summer School.
  • External Assessor (1997-2002) for Scottish Qualifications Authority CSYS and Advanced Higher Physics.
  • Committee member (1984-1990) of the West of Scotland Physics Education Group (WOSPEG).

Conference Organisation

I have served in various roles on the organising committees of a number of major national and international conferences:

  • International Conference on Nuclear and Particle Physics (1993, Glasgow)
    I served as Conference Treasurer and Editor of the proceedings: Institute of Physics Conference Series, vol 133, ISBN 0-75-3-0289-5, pp 279, Ed. I J D MacGregor and A T Doyle.
  • Hadron Physics (2004,St Andrews))
    I served as Editor of the proceedings: 58th Scottish Summer School in Physics, St Andrews, 2004, Scottish Graduate Series, vol 58, 2006, Taylor & Francis CRC Press, ISBN 1584887052, pp496, Ed. I J D MacGregor and R Kaiser
  • Institute of Physics Nuclear and Particle Physics Division Conference (2011, Glasgow)
    I served on the organising committee, providing the liaison between different subject groups.
  • Rutherford Centenial Conference (2011, Manchester)
    I served on the organising committee and an Editor of the proceedings.
  • Baryons 13 (2013,Glasgow)
    I am currently serving as Treasurer on the organising committee.

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