3rd PANDA Grid Workshop


Online registration

Although the natural tendency is to leave it for the last minute, participants are encouraged to register as early as possible so that the organizers can plan most efficiently.

To register online, please complete and submit the form below before April 15, 2012. Please type in your name and affiliation as you would like them displayed on your badge.


Pick a date
Please let us know whether you:
    Have a running PANDA Grid Site
    Have an incomplete installation
    Wish to set up a PANDA Grid Site
If you would like to suggest an additional topic to be discussed, please fill in the details below:
Please check this box if you wish to attend the dinner*. Use the box below if you have special requirements (vegetarian/vegan meals):

For any additional questions please contact:
    Dr. Chinorat Kobdaj,
    Email: kobdaj@g.sut.ac.th
    School of Physics, Institute of Science,
    Suranaree University of Technology
    Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000 Thailand
    Tel: 6-44-224293
    Fax: 66-44-224185

* fields marked with asterisk are required.

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