Scientific Programme 



Light/heavy flavor hadrons, Resonances, Exotics, Hadronic molecules, Spectroscopy and Lattice QCD

Hadron Interactions

Meson-meson, meson-baryon and baryon-baryon interactions, Anti-proton interactions

Electromagnetic and weak interactions

Photo and electro productions of hadrons, P and CP-violating processes in nucleons and nuclei

Hadrons at finite density and temperature

The QCD vacuum, Chiral symmetry, Hadron properties, QGP, Heavy ion collisions

Structure of hadrons

Form Factors, Structure Functions, GPDs, TMDs, Fragmentation functions, Intrinsic heavy quarks distributions in baryons

Recent Approaches to non-perturbative QCD

AdS/CFT correspondence, Lattice gauge theory, Effective field theories

New Facilities and Instrumentation

Other related topics

Baryongenesis and precision measurements


Plenary talks:

Plenary sessions will focus on reviews of, and future prospects for, the above mentioned topics


Parallel sessions will be held, for which we strongly encourage as many contributions as possible. A poster session will also be arranged